The Immuno-Hematology Comprehensive Program at the University of Michigan brings together dedicated physicians, researchers, nurses, and social workers to deliver unsurpassed comprehensive care to children suffering from immune deficiencies, bone marrow failure syndromes, lymphoproliferative diseases and neutrophil disorders.

Our clinic physicians are not only experts in the care of children affected by these disorders, but also are involved in ground-breaking research to understand, diagnose and treat these rare and serious diseases. We understand that the care of your child is complex. It is our goal to provide the best care for your child by combining the knowledge and skills of multiple specialists together in one visit. 

During your clinic visit, you may meet with one, many or all of the above specialty services, depending on the condition of your child. 

If your child is eligible for research trials, we may ask for you to participate in our research endeavors. However, the excellent care received by your child will not be dependent on your participation in these trials.

Specialty Services

    • Immunology - Immunology refers to the study of the body’s defense system known as the immune system. As your child may have a problem with his or her immune system, an expert in understanding the normal and pathologic processes in immunology is essential for your child’s care. 
    • Hematology - Hematology refers to the study of the body’s blood cells. Your child may have a deficiency of one or more type of blood cells, or his or her blood cells may work incorrectly. Our hematologists identify, diagnose and treat issues related to blood cells.
    • Oncology - Oncology refers to the development of cancer. A subset of immune deficiencies, lymphoproliferative diseases, neutrophil disorders and bone marrow failure syndromes are associated with an increased risk of cancer. An oncologist is important to help prevent cancer development. In addition, if cancer does develop in your child, our pediatric oncologists are familiar with immuno-hematology diseases and are able to provide comprehensive, integrated care for your child.
    • Bone Marrow Transplant - Bone marrow is located inside the bone and is responsible for making all types of cells within your blood. A bone marrow transplant involves replacing a diseased or dysfunctional marrow with a healthy bone marrow from a volunteer donor. Bone marrow transplant offers a curative therapy for many primary immune deficiencies and hematologic disorders. If your child’s condition can be cured with a bone marrow transplant, you will be able to meet one of our bone marrow transplant physicians to discuss this treatment option.
    • Infectious Disease - Prevention and treatment of infection is very important for the health of your child, particularly if their immune system is compromised by missing immune cells or cells that do not work correctly. The infectious disease specialists will provide methods to reduce the chances of infection as well as give your child the right medicine to treat any developed infections.
    • Genetics - Many disorders seen in our clinic can be inherited from the parents, even if the mother or father has no evidence of the disease. Our geneticists will help diagnose and identify specific mutations that may result in an immunologic or hematologic disease. They will also provide education to your family so you can understand what this may mean for other members of the family and the risk of passing a familial disorder to future children.

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