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Family Support Program for Medically Complex Infants

Family Support Program for Medically Complex Infants

For families with medically complex infants, navigating the health care system and transitioning from hospital to home care can be a daunting task. 

The Little Victors League (LVL) is a family support program that helps babies who are born with or develop complex medical conditions. Team members are skilled at identifying resources, both at the hospital and in the community, that are most helpful to families with a medically complex child.

Dedicated care coordination during your baby’s hospital stay provides a pathway to a quicker and safer discharge home. After discharge, having partners in the community leads to more efficient communication, a better understanding of a family’s unique situation, and a unified approach to the baby’s well-being and quality of life.

Launched in 2021, the LVL was inspired and championed by the Little Heroes League in Chicago, a care coordination program for infants started by Kim and Will Ulaszek. Inspired by the firsthand challenges in care coordination they witnessed with their medically complex granddaughter, Livia, the Ulaszeks founded the charity to help other babies like Livi thrive and live their best lives.

What does this support look like?

Acting as an advocate for each baby, an LVL team member coordinates communication between multiple pediatric specialists, streamlines procedures and appointments, helps with decision making, and provides emotional support to families.

Some of the care and resources the LVL may provide include: 

During hospital stay

  • Serve as a liaison between the Brandon NICU team and other pediatric specialists, such as pediatric cardiology, pediatric neurology, and more.
  • Regularly communicate with the family, care teams and physicians in face-to-face, video and/or phone settings.
  • Assist with transitions inside the hospital as well as from the hospital to the home environment.
  • Provide expert care coordination, education, consultation and advocacy for the baby and family.

At home

  • Touch base via video calls and/or home visits, addressing current concerns and providing necessary care coordination.
  • Accompany patient families to their first visit with primary care providers. 
  • Accompany patient families to clinic specialty visits, if appropriate.
  • Provide education and community resources, such as Early On services for children with special needs and similar support programs.
  • Assist with insurance coordination, such as enrolling in Children’s Special Health Care Services and Medicaid.
  • Assist with medical equipment needs, ensuring it arrives to patient’s home. 
  • Provide education on use of medical equipment, medication administration and symptom management.

Learn More About Little Victors League

The Brandon NICU team provides a recommendation for eligible patients to enroll in the Little Victors League. If your family qualifies, an LVL team member will meet with you and provide further details on the program and services provided.

For providers with questions about the Little Victors League program, please email [email protected] or call 734-936-4781.