NICU Resources for Parents

This can be a stressful time for your family, a time that you may feel unprepared for. You have a very important role as part of your baby's health care team and we want to offer you support throughout your time here in the Brandon NICU.

To support you, your baby and your family, we offer a wide range of services:

Helpful Sources of Information on the Web

Our Family Library Cart (see below) is a great resource for parents and families to learn about the care of babies in the NICU.  Families also often ask us about reliable sources of information on the internet.  Some websites that we suggest visiting are:

Spiritual Care

Chaplains are part of your health care team, working closely with physicians, nurses, social workers and other health care providers. Visit our spiritual care page to learn more about our spiritual care advisors, chapels and quiet rooms.

Breastfeeding & Lactation Consultants

Lactation Consultants are available to help you. Learn more about our breastfeeding support resources and outpatient breastfeeding clinic.

Family Library Cart  

You’re welcome to browse our library cart for books on subjects related to the NICU, many written by graduate parents. There are also children’s books which you can read to your baby or your baby’s siblings. You may borrow these books to take to your baby’s room or to your home, but we ask that you please return them for others to read. The cart can be found in the Family Lounge.


Scrapbooking supplies are available in the Family Lounge. You can ask a Child Life Specialist for a scrapbook for your baby.

Hope Beads

Families can construct a necklace made from beads that symbolize the NICU journey. Hope Beads are available through our Child Life Specialists. Each bead represents a milestone in your baby’s stay with us, like the First Bath Penguin or the Kangaroo Care Ladybug. Beads are strung on a cord for parents and siblings to take home.

Second Saturdays Family Lunch

On the Second Saturday of each month, families and friends are invited to the Family Lounge at 12 noon, for lunch and to visit with other NICU families. Pizza, salad, dessert, and drinks are served. These meals are a gift from Domino’s Pizza.

Infant Massage Instruction

A trained infant massage instructor can teach families infant massage, which promotes bonding, reduces tension and fussing, aids in physical development, and helps relieve colic. Please ask your nurse about this service.

U-M NICU graduates email list

If you’d like receive occasional emails and an annual reunion reminder notice, please fill out the contact information card you receive upon admission and return it to the box at the clerk desk.

Annual NICU Graduate Family Reunion   

Each year, NICU graduates and their families are invited to a NICU graduate reunion that featuring games, crafts and entertainment.  The reunion is typically held in the Fall.