Why Choose Us?

Pediatric minimally invasive surgery is offered at children’s hospitals throughout the country because evidence shows it results in a better experience for children and their families.  The difference between Mott Children’s Hospital and most other children’s hospitals, is that our deep experience in minimally invasive surgery means we are not limited to a handful of conditions or procedures that can be addressed minimally invasively. At C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, we offer minimally invasive approaches for more procedures than most other children’s hospitals in the nation. 

Our first question is always, “Can minimally invasive techniques be used to improve the immediate and long term results for this child?”

Our surgeons have extensive experience in minimally invasive techniques specifically for pediatric patients, and we have a long, well-established track record for forging novel solutions when existing tools or techniques do not adequately address the special surgical needs of children with complex conditions. The skills required for laparoscopic surgery are quite different from the skills used in traditional surgery.  Wide use of minimally invasive techniques requires a different type of problem solving, a different familiarity with the specialized tools, and a commitment to offering every possible patient the benefits of minimally invasive techniques.  This skillset is only achieved through broad integration of minimally invasive principles in every aspect of a surgical program. Our impressive outcomes using minimally invasive techniques are the result many things, including unique integration of interventional radiology techniques and strong collaboration with our pediatric anesthesia colleagues. For more information on how our surgeons can use their unparalleled level of expertise and experience to help your family, contact us at 1-877-475-MOTT (1-877-475-6688).