Scoliosis (Congenital)

Bones, Muscles and Joints (Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgery)

The Pediatric Bones, Muscles and Joints Programs at the University of Michigan used a multidisciplinary approach to musculoskeletal health, where bone and joint specialists with different backgrounds work together, providing optimal care for each individual patient.

Prenatal Diagnostic Tests

Accurate prenatal diagnosis of birth defects using the latest technological advances is offered at the U-M Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment Center. Each patient benefits from coordinated collaboration with specialists from multiple disciplines to provide  an individualized treatment plan that includes high-risk pregnancy management, fetal treatment when indicated, delivery planning and postnatal treatment for your child.

Thoracic Insufficiency Syndrome

Thoracic insufficiency is a condition in which the chest walls do not properly support normal respiration or lung development.