Benefits of Minimally Invasive Surgery for Children

In the hands of an experienced physician, minimally invasive surgery is often the best approach to surgery for children because it causes as little disruption as possible to a child’s growing body.

Benefits of using minimally invasive surgery include:

  • Less pain and discomfort for your child after surgery, and therefore reduced need for postoperative pain medicine
  • Less impact on a child’s developing body through injury and deformity to muscles, nerves and other tissue; such as scoliosis from chest surgery or risk of bowel obstruction from abdominal surgery
  • Smaller scars and reduced long term cosmetic evidence of surgery
  • Less risk of infection or wound complications
  • Better visualization of the organs and structures thanks to the use of sophisticated video-assisted equipment
  • Reduced need for an overnight hospital stay for some procedures, and overall shorter hospital stays for patients that do require inpatient observation
  • In many cases, a faster return to full activity for your child
  • Less time away from work for parents

At C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, we believe the most compelling evidence of your child having just had surgery should be that there condition has been resolved, not that they have a large painful incision that will require a long, painful recovery.

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