Camp Little Victors

Camp Little Victors 2022 Theme: ANIMALS

Meet us in the barn as we learn about FARM ANIMALS!

This week we're learning all about farm animals! The chicks have escaped from the coop, and they need your help getting back inside. After you’ve chased up an appetite, make a cow bagel snack to refuel. Help save the planet when you turn a recycled bottle into a piggy bank and gallop across the house on your new pony.

Riding Pony

Giddyup! Have fun “riding” your pony around the house or backyard.

White, purple and black felt pieces shaped as a horse attached to stick

Round Up the Chicks

Uh oh! The chicks got loose from the coop! Can you help round them up?

Child placing yellow balloons with face drawings on them in blue pool

Cow Bagel

Mooooo! This fun and easy topped bagel will have you seeing spots.

Childs hand placing raspberries on top of cream cheese bagel

Recycled Bottle Piggy Bank

Make your own piggy bank while doing your part to save the planet! 

Child adding paper cut out ears to pink piggy bank


If you have questions, send us an email to [email protected]