Camp Little Victors 2023 Theme: ADVENTURES

Week 3: Zap! Bam! We’re harnessing our inner superpowers as SUPERHEROES!

This week we're reminding ourselves that we all have our own superpowers! Take an indoor game and make it superhero-sized outside and create your own superhero shield snack. Design your own superhero cuffs and watch your superhero soar through the sky in this week’s science activity.

Superpower Cuffs

Show off your superpowers through your personally designed superhero cuffs!

Child with superpower orange cuffs on decorated with stars

Superhero-Sized Tic-Tac-Toe

Take a fun indoor game and move it outside! But make it superhero-sized for even more fun!

Child placing colored paper plates on the 3 x 3 painters tape grid for tic tac toe game

Shield Sandwiches

Superheroes, assemble! Create your own superhero shield snacks.

Pepperoni, cheese star shapes shields decorated on a plate

Flying Superhero Straw


Woosh! Design your own superhero and watch it soar through the air.

Child blowing through straw to make superhero fly

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