Concussion Education

Sports-related injuries are the 3rd leading cause of patient admissions at Mott Children’s Hospital.

Together with Michigan NeuroSport —a team of physicians, researchers, educators and medical personnel who provide treatment for neurological sports injuries—we direct education and outreach efforts to keep concussions on the sidelines by increasing awareness of concussion symptoms and the risk to student athletes.

Concussion Education Program

The highlight of our efforts is a free online concussion education program for both Youth Coaches and High School Coaches. These novel programs, some of the firsts of their kind, are excellent resources for up-to-date, valuable and no-cost education on concussions. Each program is roughly 20 minutes long, presented in an interesting and interactive format, and includes take-away resources such as fact sheets, pledge forms, report forms and more.

Each program covers:

  • The 3 Rs of concussion: Recognize – Remove - Report
  • Recovery and the return-to-play process
  • Reducing the risk of concussion

Our educational modules were recently endorsed by the American Academy of Neurology, the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA), the Michigan High School Football Coaches Association and the Michigan Youth Athletic Association.

In addition to the online program, we also provide in-person workshops. For more information or to schedule a workshop tailored to your sports’ needs, contact:

U-M Injury Prevention Program

Participant Reviews:
“I am a neurologist. I reviewed this for the AAN. I thought it was a terrific course and would recommend it to both the parents and coaches at my son's school.”

“I thought the content and length was perfect. It was interesting got to the point. Overall awesome program.”

“[The] content was excellent. I really like the course attachments. I plan to laminate a couple of them and keep them with my gear. All youth coaches of all sports should be required to take a course like this.”

“All of the information was useful. It was good for me to be reminded about the importance of having a policy regarding concussion injuries that can be explained to athletes, other coaches, and parents.”

For more information contact the U-M Injury Prevention Program at 734-764-7281