Gabe Eston Owens MD, PhD

Assistant Professor, Pediatrics
Pediatric Cardiology, Pediatrics
Clinical Interests:

Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care, General Pediatric Cardiology

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U of M Pediatric Cardiology

C.S. Mott Children's Hospital
1540 E. Hospital Dr., Level 11
Ann Arbor


Medical School or Training

  • Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, 2004


  • University of Michigan Health System, Pediatrics, MI, 2006


  • Pediatric Cardiology, University of Michigan Health System, 2009

Board Certification

  • Pediatrics

  • Pediatric Cardiology


Dr. Owens’ main research interest involves therapeutic ultrasound and its potential cardiovascular clinical applications.  Specifically, he and his collaborators in the Department of Biomedical Engineering have been investigating a novel ultrasound technique termed histotripsy.    Histotripsy, invented at the University of Michigan, is a focused, high-intensity ultrasound technique that harnesses the energy of acoustic cavitation, creating violent micro-bubble activity only at a localized focus, inducing targeted and controlled tissue destruction.  Dr. Owens has been instrumental in advancing this technique towards true clinical application.  Seminal papers published in Circulation (2010) and Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions (2011) describe the potential of this technique to become a non-invasive modality to safely, and potentially more efficiently, create intra-cardiac communications (ASDs and/or VSDs) in infants with complex congenital heart disease such as Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome or other functional single ventricle physiologies.  Dr. Owens has received an Innovative Research Grant from the American Heart Association and support from the Hartwell Foundation.  Dr. Owens’ research team is dedicated to bring this technology to clinical fruition and is planning to obtain regulatory approval to initiate a clinical trial within the next 2-3 years.  In addition, Dr. Owens also participates and supervises investigations on the utility of this technique to non-invasively induce thrombolysis (JVIR 2011) for deep vein thrombosis or arterial occlusion as well as histotripys’ potential role in fetal cardiac and non-cardiac interventions (UOG 2011).

With his expertise in translation science, experience with animal studies, skills in experimental echocardiography, and clinical interest in Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care, Dr. Owens is also actively involved in the Extracorporeal Life Support (ECLS) laboratory supervised by Dr. Bartlett.  Dr. Owens has played instrumental roles and provided essential clinical and research expertise in the development of an artificial placenta model aimed to revolutionize the treatment of premature infants (Pediatric Surgery, 2013).  In addition, Dr. Owens and colleagues in the ECLS laboratory have recently began investigations on a novel, prolonged ex vivo cardiac perfusion model with potential to preserve, revitalize, and immune-modulate harvested hearts prior to transplantation that may significant increase the donor pool and revolutionize pediatric cardiac transplant medicine. 

Dr. Owens also has clinical research interests, namely related to post-operative care following cardiac surgery.  He has been active in investigating the role of near infrared spectroscopy in the cardiac ICU (Ped Card 2011) and has IRB approval for a randomized controlled trial to evaluate the role of calcium chloride replacement therapy in infants following surgery for congenital heart disease.


Gabe E. Owens, M.D., Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Pediatric Cardiology within the Department of Pediatrics and Communicable Diseases.  His clinical interests and expertise are in pediatric cardiac critical care for pre- or post-operative infants, children and young adults with congenital and acquired heart disease.  Dr. Owens also follows patients in his general Pediatric Cardiology outpatient clinic.  His research focuses on developing novel therapeutic interventions, such as non-invasive therapeutic ultrasound therapy for treatment of congenital heart diseases or deep vein thrombosis, an artificial placenta for premature infants, and a technique to optimize heart preservation for cardiac transplantation.  As a cardiac intensivist, Dr. Owens is also interested in examining outcomes following congenital heart disease surgery, and he is investigating the role of certain monitoring devices and therapies in the cardiac ICU. Dr. Owens is a member of various associations such as the American Heart Association and serves as the Principle Investigator or Co-Investigator on several intramural, government-sponsored, or philanthropic foundation-sponsored research grants.