The Mott Learning Center gives children a chance to continue their education while they are in the hospital.
The Center is open Monday through Friday and usually offers morning and afternoon sessions. Hours are posted and may change, depending upon patient needs.
Bedside instruction is available for patients who are unable to leave their rooms.
Instruction is provided by certified teachers who are part of our Child and Family Life Department. We base instruction on the child’s physical capabilities and allow plenty of time for socializing and play.
Extended Stays/Repeat Visits Mott Inpatient Teachers coordinate education with the child’s school and continue the children’s education during their hospital stays so that they do not fall behind. If your child will be at Mott for a long time, or if your child will need to make repeat visits to Mott, please consider using the resources of our Inpatient Teachers.
How to Participate To arrange for your child to participate in the Mott Learning Center, talk to the patient’s nursing staff or contact the Learning Center by e-mail.
School Re-entry Visit To assist young people with academic concerns and returning to school after diagnosis, Child Life specialists visit schools and educate staff regarding all aspects of the child's illness and treatment. When requested, special presentations are offered for classmates. Contact Child and Family Life by emailing mottchildlife @ or by calling 734-936-6519.