Home Ventilator Program

The comprehensive Pediatric Home Ventilator Program cares for infants and children with respiratory failure due to a variety of medical conditions. It is the largest program of its kind in Michigan, and one of the largest in the country. We are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of children of all ages who are dependent on ventilators or ventilation devices to breathe, and we believe that, with proper home ventilation support, patients and families can enjoy greater quality of life.

Our program includes a number of extensive programs and services coordinated and provided by an experienced and dedicated health care team. We specialize in the management of the following medical diagnoses:

  • Restrictive Lung Disease – A disease characterized by reduced lung volume. A patient’s rib cage cannot expand sufficiently to support oxygen needs (cerebral palsy, scoliosis, liver disease).
  • Respiratory Insufficiency – A disorder in which a patient cannot exert the proper respiratory effort to breathe (conditions of muscular weakness and spinal cord injuries).
  • Hypoventilation – A condition characterized by breathing that is too weak or slow to meet the needs of the body. A patient breathes too shallow to support their basic oxygen needs.
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea – A condition characterized by episodes of stopped breathing during sleep.
  • Malacia – A disorder that is characterized by a softening in one, two or three parts of the airway (voice box, windpipe, breathing tubes). Patients with a soft, floppy trachea need a ventilator to hold it open.
  • Central Hypoventilation Syndrome – A rare neurological disorder that is characterized by inadequate breathing during sleep.
  • Lung Disease – Any disease or disorder wherein lung function is impaired.

We provide cutting-edge technology and advanced ongoing management to ventilator-assisted patients, including the options of both non-invasive ventilation (via a face or nose mask) and invasive ventilation (via a tracheostomy tube). We also supply end tidal carbon dioxide monitoring (monitors carbon dioxide production, flow and elimination) and spirometry (measures lungs for conditions that affect breathing) to track patient status, and provide family education and long-term care coordination.

In addition to providing comprehensive in-patient management services, outpatient clinics and therapies, we work closely with patients and their families to ensure the full range of medical, physical, social and emotional needs and concerns are addressed.

To serve the complex needs of our patients, we bring a unique multidisciplinary approach to patient care, drawing from the expertise of a staff of specialists that includes physicians, respiratory therapists, nurses, dietitians, social workers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, rehabilitation engineers and speech pathologists.

By partnering with the Michigan Department of Community Health, we are able to provide care to more than 200 active patients throughout the state. That represents the largest population of ventilator-dependent children in Michigan.

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