Congenital Heart Conditions & Treatments Overview

As an international referral center for children with complex congenital heart disease, the C.S. Mott Children's Hospital Congenital Heart Center is one of the largest pediatric heart programs in the United States.
From diagnosis and medical management of common cardiac disorders to groundbreaking therapies for complex congenital heart conditions, our team is committed to providing the most advanced evidence-based care for infants, children and adolescents with all forms of congenital and acquired heart disease, as well as for adults with congenital heart disease.

Conditions We Treat

In addition to the full spectrum of congenital heart conditions, we offer special expertise in certain complex conditions only treated by the most advanced congenital heart programs in the country. Learn more.

Diagnostic Tests

We diagnose and treat the full spectrum of heart conditions and diseases, from the most common to the most complex. We employ a wide variety of diagnostic tools to help our medical teams determine (and rule out) possible treatments options for your child. Learn more.

Treatment Options

Your physician may choose to closely observe your child for a period of time, if an intervention is not yet necessary. If treatment is necessary, physicians can choose from a variety of therapies. Learn more.

Clinics and Programs

The University of Michigan Congenital Heart Center has many special programs and clinics for our patients, to ensure that they receive the most comprehensive spectrum of care available. Each program is integrated to ensure that patients receive seamless care from our entire network of congenital heart specialists. Learn more.

For adult patients:

Visit our Learn about our Adult Congenital Heart Program.