Becoming a Patient In the U-M Comprehensive Eating Disorders Program

U-M’s Comprehensive Eating Disorders Program takes a family-based (Maudsley) approach to treatment, in which parents play an integral role in helping their child recover.

Our team has designed a comprehensive evaluation process in order to determine the most effective, individualized treatment for our patients.

Step One – Contact the Comprehensive Eating Disorders Program by calling 1-877-475-MOTT.

A team member will collect your contact information and schedule an initial phone screening with one of our clinical social workers.  

Step Two – Initial Phone Screening

One of our social workers will call at the scheduled time to gather information about you or your child’s eating disorder.  Based on the information you provide, we will determine whether an evaluation appointment should be scheduled.  

Step Three – Comprehensive Evaluation

You will be contacted after the initial phone screening and scheduled for a comprehensive evaluation appointment.  The evaluation process will be a half-day multidisciplinary visit which includes psychiatric, medical, and psychological assessments. This appointment is for both the patient and his/her parent(s) or support person.  Following the intake, our treatment team will work together to determine what type of treatment and level of care will be most appropriate for you or your child. Eligible patients will be offered a place in our partial hospitalization program and we will work with you and your insurance company to secure the appropriate authorizations to begin treatment. 

At the time of evaluation you will be asked to complete and sign the following forms allowing us to exchange medical information with other specific medical providers involved in your care.  We will be happy to answer any questions about these forms and what they authorize at the time of your appointment.

If the partial hospitalization model is determined to not be the best type of treatment for you or your child, we will work to connect you with appropriate resources. 

Insurance & Coverage Coordination

Our program has partnered with some of the largest insurance companies and third party payers to develop eligibility and admission guidelines for our program. If you are insured by one of these partners and are accepted for admission to our program, this helps to streamline the admissions process and increase the likelihood of maximal insurance coverage for your care. 

If you are scheduled for an intake appointment, our program staff may ask you to provide intake information prior to your visit to help us facilitate this process for you. 

Take the Next Step

Schedule an evaluation or learn more about the University of Michigan Comprehensive Eating Disorders Program, call 877-475-MOTT (877-475-6688).