Facts and Figures

C.S. Mott Children's Hospital Profile

2012 Fiscal Year Activity Summary

Discharges* (excluding Newborns)  7,293
Total Beds  198
APR-DRG Case Mix 2.26
Average Length of Stay (in days)  7.96
ED Visits (0-17 yrs) 21,342
Inpatient Surgical Cases 4,923
Outpatient Surgical Cases 6,426

*Discharges are understated because they do not include observation cases. Actual inpatient encounters in 2012 were 8,914.

What is APR-DRG Case Mix Index

The APR-DRG stands for "all patient refined diagnostic related group." The APR-DRG is a measurement created for the purpose of administrative comparison of how sick patients are. Factors like the type of illness the patient has and other complicating factors get put into a methodology that equates to a number. Hospitals with an "average" level of complication to the patients they see have an APR-DRG of 1.0 Having a high APR-DRG means that we see patients that are significantly sicker and more complicated to treat. To meet these patients needs, we have to provide a higher level of resources both in technology and staff.